Spinning Technology Center


DITF conducts research and makes developments for applications. Market-ready products, processes, and services for all of the forward-looking areas in the textile industry are created in close and trusting cooperation with the industry.

In many industries, traditional materials are increasingly replaced with textiles because of the added value they offer. They advance into fields of application that have formerly not belonged to the target markets of the textile industry. Technical textiles are an example for this - they are convincing in terms of design and functionality in a broad range of applications.

The combination of textiles and microelectronics, and the integration of modern IT and communication technologies provides significant potential for the future. Sensor and actuator applications benefit from this, from medicine, construction, or mobility to environmental and energy technologies.

DITF’s interdisciplinary approach results in cross-sectoral know-how that supports progress in several fields of application. New materials such as carbon and ceramic fibers make applications more efficient and environmentally friendly – across many industries, from automotive and energy to sports and recreation. Other examples are the DITF technologies used to produce and process fiber composites which feature excellent shaping properties and low weight and are beneficial in the construction sector and also in the mobility area.

New developments have always influenced the process chains and the business models in the textile industry. Following DITF’s holistic approach, innovative solutions are developed and made available for this as well.