Health and care

Today, the use of textiles in health and care goes far beyond materials for wound dressing or hygiene products. The DITF institutes provide solutions for innovative applications in the broad field of human medical care.

The focus of the DITF developments is on functionalized medical devices and biomaterials. These are not only used to close wounds or take over the functions of diseased tissue, but also for the targeted and individual control of healing processes in patients. For example, the DITF institutes have created innovations for regenerative medicine, implantology, and the treatment of internal and external wounds.

Textile based developments are also useful in the area of medical sensor and actuator engineering. In combination with modern microelectronics, digital measurement and transmission technologies, they expand the field for new products.

The biomaterials development at the DITF institutes is useful for medical applications as well. Degradable polymers are developed and optimized for use in the human body. These innovative products are resorbed by the body after they have fulfilled their purpose.

DITF’s entire medical devices division is certified under ISO 13485. Prototypes can be manufactured under certified conditions, for example in clean rooms for clinical trials.

Application examples for our products, processes, and services:

  • Implants
  • Cell scaffolds for regenerative medicine, biohybrid organs
  • Quick-locks for blood vessels and nerve conduction supports made of biopolymers
  • Systems releasing active ingredients (drug delivery): capsules for active ingredients and coating systems
  • Ceramic fibers to replace bones
  • Bioactive coatings, for example as wound dressings
  • Sensory textiles for telemedicine
  • Personalized orthoses
  • Physiologically optimized stockings
  • Wound dressing materials
  • Hospital and OR textiles
  • Textiles with an antibacterial effect

Information and Downdloads

    Triggered drug release

    Triggered drug release: DITF are researching the optimal release of drugs with drug delivery systems (DDS).

    More information under this link

    Active ingredient depots in porous fibers

    In the research project "Textile-based drug delivery systems", drug delivery fibers were developed at the DITF for application in regenerative medicine. This could support the therapy of chronic wounds in the future.

    Information about the research project

    Health and Care with E-Textiles

    Whether used by elderly people or fire fighters: textiles with sensors monitor vital parameters and call for help in an emergency.  

    Further information