IFAI Expo 2018: Show Stopper Award for DITF

Also this year the DITF were represented with a booth at the IFAI Expo (Photo: DITF)
Reinhold Schneider with the Show Stopper Award at the DITF booth (Photo: DITF)
E-Textiles Workshop: Reinhold Schneider presents his textile-based sensors (Photo: DITF)


DALLAS: The Show Stopper Awards of the IFAI Expo acknowledge the most popular products of all exhibitors every year. The criteria for the award are innovation, economy and environmental friendliness. The contributions are displayed on the show floor, with winners selected by a committee of industry experts.

Reinhold Schneider from DITF received the award in the category Chemicals, Coatings and Compounds for his research work on textile-based sensors with electrically conductive inks and pastes.

Electro-conducting inks and pastes are basic requirements for the manufacturing of inexpensive Smart Textiles/E-Textiles via screen printing or inkjet printing. Such inks and pastes can be used for printing interdigital structures, that act as electrodes in sensors and electrical switches.

IFAI Expo takes place annually and is one of the largest trade shows for technical textiles in the USA with exhibitors from more than 60 countries. IFAI Expo also offers workshops, lectures and special shows such as "Design". DITF were represented for the third time this year with exhibits and specialist presentations.