DITF sind herausragende Ausbilder!

The Service Center Testing Technologies at the DITF received the award for the professional education of the "outstanding exam participant Anne Reissmüller in the qualified profession of textile laboratory assistant".

On November 10, the certificate was ceremoniously presented at the IHK Esslingen-Nürtingen. DITF board member Peter Steiger congratulated Anne Reissmüller and her trainer, laboratory manager Matthias Schweins, on the great achievement.

Anne Reissmüller was trained at the Testing Technologies Service Center by the laboratory technicians with many years of experience in testing fiber-based materials and textiles.

Anne especially liked the diversity of her training. "Whether it's novel materials for space suits or textile techniques from the Stone Age, anything can be tested here at the DITF." The laboratories at the DITF test for customers from the industry as well as for research.

This achievement was also worth a news feature for the Eßlinger Zeitung. Reporter Robert Korell came to Denkendorf to interview Anne at her workplace in Denkendorf.