Research on carbon fibers from wood rewarded again

Ernst-Pelz-Award for Dr. Antje Ota and Dr. Frank Hermanutz. Photo: C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V.

Dr. Frank Hermanutz and Dr. Antje Ota have received the Ernst-Pelz-Award for Renewable Resources 2020 for the development of a sustainable manufacturing process for the production of carbon fibers based on wood. The award was presented only now because of the Corona pandemic.

IIonic liquids (IL) are the key to sustainable biobased fibers for a wide range of industrial applications. DITF, together with BASF SE, have discovered an innovative solvent for biopolymers (polymers made from renewable resources).

Compared to conventional carbon fibers that are not based on biopolymers, carbon fiber production based on cellulose would not only protect the environment but also reduce energy costs. Domestic beeches, for example, are a suitable material for obtaining cellulose.

The innovation has already won several awards.

The Ernst-Pelz-Award is awarded annually by C.A.R.M.E.N e.V.. The network, founded by the Free State of Bavaria, supports the implementation of the goals of the energy turnaround.

Further information on the prize (German)





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