ForschungsKUBUS at the DITF

Research CUBUS exterior view. Photo: DITF

The ForschungsKUBUS at the DITF Denkendorf is a self-contained research room with a floor area of approx. 40 square meters and an exact north-south orientation.

On six large window surfaces pointing in all four directions, varying daylight and artificial light situations can be developed, displayed and measured. Throughout the year, highly precise photometric parameters such as irradiance and illuminance as well as weather data are automatically recorded based on the position of the sun.


ForschungsKUBUS interior view. Photo: DITF

New shading textiles protect against direct sunlight and at the same time direct enough valuable daylight into the room so that artificial lighting can be dispensed with. Heat radiation, which is unpleasant in summer, is effectively deflected by these special textiles, keeping the ForschungsKUBUS pleasantly cool even without a ventilation system.


    Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Riethmüller

    Head of Technology Center Smart Living Textiles
    Denkendorf Future Workshop

    T +49 (0)711 93 40-256