Smart textiles in the mobile exterior - the car of tomorrow

Textile automobile door in the acoustic testing room of DITF

In view of the increasing volume of traffic and high air pollution, micro electric vehicles of the micromobility class, which are used for the first and last mile in both urban and rural areas, represent a great opportunity. The use of textiles is trend-setting in this context: by saving the overall mass, fuel efficiency can be improved for longer range and, in the case of freight transport vehicles, a higher payload is possible. In addition to the expected lower mass, another advantage of textiles in exterior applications is seen as the possibility of functionalization by means of sensors and actuators. The flexibility of the cover material and a new, unfamiliar feel also create potential as a novel design element.


Textile automobile door in the acoustic testing room of DITF

The research project "TexEx-Identification, Evaluation and Demonstration of Meaningful Applications of Textiles in Vehicle Exterior" was initiated within the framework of the SME Mobility Initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Baden-Württemberg. The task of the DITF is to develop a wide variety of textiles and test their suitability for exterior applications. The work is always based on the legal framework in order to enable a later serial application of the project results. For a higher diversification of the implementation, the project is divided into two subprojects: Passenger traffic and transport of goods.



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