Sqetch and DITF launch the KompakT project

Establishment of a digital co-creation platform for sustainable fashion concepts

Innovative, sustainable fashion concepts sought – intelligent networking along the textile value chain required

Sqetch and DITF jointly launched the two-year KompakT project on April 1, 2021. The aim here is to largely remove the barriers that arise from the complexity of supply chains in the fashion and textile industry and that often stand in the way of implementing innovative fashion concepts.

The following challenges are in the foreground:

  • Growing demand for small delivery volumes with short delivery times
  • Increasing networking of the production partners and brand manufacturers involved in production
  • Difficult to access innovationpotential due to a lack of collaboration in the design, development and realization processes
  • Unused joint creativity, experience and competence of producers and suppliers with regard to material properties or process diversity
  • Error-proneness of globalized supply chains in the fashion industry, due to complexity, high costs and delivery times, mostly at the expense of social and environmental standards

Overcoming these barriers or challenges must therefore take into account the diversity of fashion goods and processes, also from a sustainability perspective. With the help of the co-creation platform, creative industries and fashion designers are brought together with production partners and brand manufacturers for joint value creation without digital barriers. The project KompakT enables intelligent networking in the search for partners and supports the implementation of transactions, taking into account the diversity of fashion concepts, textile materials, suppliers and services. The focus is on the configuration of product and supply chains and a simulative preview of the impact of social and ecological aspects. KompakT is funded by the BMWi as part of the IGP program.


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