Retail 4.0

Digitally networked live experience

Digital technologies are conquering the fashion industry and therefore open up new possibilities from virtual product development to the immediate integration of the customer and retail industry.

In August 2017, the research project Retail 4.0 was launched at the DITF in cooperation with Assyst, Human Solutions, the Technische Hochschule Köln and the clothing manufacturer BRAX. The aim of the project is to link both digitization and customer integration within the sales process, interactively and across all departments. In doing so, direct feedback from the consumer via retailers is to be taken into account to a significant extent in the development of the collection. The feedback processes to be explored for this purpose are to be carried out digitally and virtual reality-supported. Thereby information on collection themes, quantities or materials can be exchanged between retailers and manufacturers on the basis of virtual prototypes of the garments. Within the sales process itself, “Augmented Shopping” at the point-of-sale is intended to offer consumers a new shopping experience. Here, the aim is to enable customers to create virtual outfits, which can also be used for communication in social networks. The end customer should also be able to give direct feedback to the garment manufacturer on topics such as fit, design and satisfaction within the "Augmented Shopping Experience".

Feedback process between retailers and manufacturers in the context of collection development (photo: DITF)