Competence Center High Performance Fibers

The DITF are one of the leading institutes in the development of carbon and ceramic fibers. The research and development work in the Competence Center High Performance Fibers aims at producing high-tech fibers based on resource-saving and sustainable new technologies. The materials that can be produced from the fibers, usually composites, can be found in technical applications where there are extreme requirements in terms of strength, stiffness, weight reduction or temperature resistance. Fields of application are, for example, mobility, energy production, mechanical engineering as well as aerospace.

The Competence Center High Performance Fibers has unique expertise worldwide in the development of oxide ceramic fibers based on alumina and mullite and operates a pilot plant for their production. Research activities are aimed at increasing the long-term operating temperatures of ceramic fibers. Together with customers, new fiber types and formulations can be developed.

Carbon fibers can be produced customer-specifically from a wide range of materials: from filigree yarns with 100 filaments to 50,000 filaments for industry. Continuous fibers can be developed to specification on a multi-kg scale at the facilities of the HPFC fiber center. The focus is on saving energy, CO2 and costs via novel materials such as lignin and low-energy processes.

Range of Services

  • Production of ceramic fibers and fabrics for high-temperature processes
  • New ceramic fibers based on zirconium stabilized ceramics
  • Development of carbon fibers from lignin, polyacrylonitrile, polyethylene, pitch and other polymers
  • Development of temperature processes for stabilization/ carbonization/ ceramiation of continuous fibers up to 50K
  • Customer developments of carbon fiber precursors
  • 3D printing with fiber materials  .


  • High Performance Fiber Center HPFC with six pilot lines for the production of ceramic and carbon fibers on a kg scale
  • Calcination and sintering furnaces and a graphitisation furnace up to 2400°C
  • Melting and dry spinning lines for carbon fiber and ceramic fiber precursors
  • Electron beam treatment of fibers and textile fabrics
  • Low energy stabilizing furnace for polyacrylonitrile and lignocellulosic fibers up to 3x50K
  • Surface treatment of carbon fibers
  • 3D printing center for further processing of new materials and high-performance fibers