High-performance fibers and yarns

Research and development in the entire spinning process are part of DITF core tasks.

Research and development in the entire spinning process are part of DITF core tasks.

We cover all types of high-performance fibers, including biological and carbon-based, but also ceramic or polyaromatic, as well as special functional fibers. The DITF have the expertise as well as the technical equipment to further develop the conventional primary and secondary spinning processes always incorporating novel aspects, but also to come up with new technologies altogether. The filament yarn refinement, the twine and entwine technologies as well as extensive research concerning spools complete our expertise.

Polymer synthesis, the development of new fiber types as well as the development of staple fibers are on the DITF agenda. The institutes break new ground with fundamental as well as applied research, which should provide textile companies with new materials that allow them to better compete in international markets.

Whatever direction fiber development takes, sustainability and environmental factors are core values for the DITF. For instance, we research the recycling options of high-performance fibers as well as the recycling of “post-consumer” waste materials into new high-performance products.

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    Cellulose fibers against climate change

    There will continue to be unavoidable CO2 emissions that have to be compensated. The DITF are developing textile materials for active CO2 capture from the air as part of a research project.

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    DITF publication awarded Editor's Choice

    The editorial board of the 'materials journal' has selected the article "Melt-Spinning of an Intrinsically Flame-Retardant Polyacrylonitrile Copolymer" by Simon König et al. as Editor's Choice Paper.

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    High-Performance Fiber Center

    On more than 1,000m², DITF offers state-of-the-art facilities, unmatched world-wide, for an efficient development of high-performance fibers. More information about the technical equipment and applications of the HPFC can be found in our flyer. Download here

    Cellulose chitin fibers - new materials for medical technology

    Chitin makes insect wings flexible. This polysaccharide could soon be used in dressing materials in medicine.

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    Latent epoxy systems for fiber-reinforced plastics

    DITF develop new resin systems for fiber-reinforced plastics that simplify process technology.

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