Smart textiles invented and developed by the DITF overcome technological limits, can communicate, and interact. They take on new roles that relieve humans and make the world smarter.

DITF researchers work on hybrid products with additional features. They offer advantages of textile structures and perform additional tasks. DITF smart textiles possess, for example, integrated sensors and actuator technology that measures or reacts to the environment. We distinguish according to each additional feature:

  • Pneumatic textiles
  • Light and sonic textiles
  • Climate regulating textiles
  • Conductive textiles
  • E-textiles

The additional feature makes the textiles suitable for innovative specialized solutions, for example, in the smart home, smart city, for living walls, or medical textiles. DITF research and testing laboratories are continually widening the field of applications and are open for new questions by their partners. We develop smart textiles as part of direct industry contracts as well as publicly funded research projects. The DITF also conduct fundamental research to develop smart textiles for the world of tomorrow.