Industry 4.0 is finding its way into the textile industry, and the DITF are at the forefront. We provide innovative solutions to pave the way for a textile future.

Only those who continuously use digital engineering (modeling, virtualization) throughout development and production, who are familiar with Big and Smart Data, who perfect the interaction with the Internet of Textile Things will remain competitive in the future.

The DITF implement these future technologies now and are continuously developing them further. The institutes positioned themselves early on as Industry 4.0 pioneers within the textile industry and subsequently started developing the respective technologies.

The digital world of Textile 4.0 permeates the entire production chain and permits the efficient production of small series up to batch size 1. The added value of a textile product thus requires knowledge management and respective business models. An essential interface is the human-machine interaction, which is developed on a broad spectrum by the DITF.