Textile finishing and coating

DITF scientists work on new materials for tomorrow’s textile markets.

We create products for specialized tasks in the clothing industry, and technical applications through the coating, laminating, and finishing, as well as textile printing or chemical and physical modification of basic textiles.

DITF engineers textile finishing and coatings, which we develop up to the stage of industrial application in collaboration with our industrial partners. Specific services for our industry partners: Large parts of our research facilities, including personnel, can be rented for company-specific developments and tests.

Environmentally friendly processes

Textile finishing, and coating are among the most energy-intensive processes in textile manufacturing. DITF scientists analyze and use potentials to save energy on all production levels but also adopt common methods to increase energy efficiency.

From saving to generating energy: The DITF intensively research the application of technical textiles to generate energy. Initial successes can be seen in the area of storing thermal energy but also in the reclamation of heat energy through the use of novel heat exchangers.


Infos und Downdloads

    DITF awarded the Show Stopper Award of the IFAI EXPO also in 2020

    Dr. Reinhold Schneider and his team receive the award in the category "Chemicals, Coatings and Compounds" for their research work on UV-curable polymers for use in composite materials.

    Further information

    High Performance Fiber Center - Pilot Production

    Current overview of services

    On more than 1,000m², DITF offers state-of-the-art facilities, unmatched world-wide, for an efficient development of high-performance fibers. More information about the technical equipment and applications of the HPFC can be found in our flyer. Download here

    Pilot production at the DITF

    The DITF operates a pilot factory that integrates all of the important technologies along the textile process chain. With the pilot factory, DITF provides the industry with the unique option to produce zero or small series.