Technical textile testing laboratory

Tasks: Determining the material properties of fibers, threads, textile surfaces (woven, knitted, braided, or nonwoven fabrics), as well as composite materials made from natural and chemical fibers, but also a mixture of all of them with an emphasis on technical textiles.

Service overview (selection):

  • Mechanical, thermal, bio-physiological and chemical assessment
  • Standard test procedures and application-oriented assessment according to specifications, e.g., by the automotive industry
  • Influences of processing and equipment tools on material properties
  • Assessment of colorfastness
  • Assessment of emissions
  • Functional properties like combustion and electrostatic behavior, emissions,
    verisimilitude, filtration effect
  • Surface and environmental properties
  • Particulates from cleanroom apparel
  • Assessment of textile aging behavior based on external influences with time-lapse environmental simulation
  • Evaluation of shielding effectiveness from high-frequency electromagnetic fields
  • Development of new test methods
  • Creation of specifications, assessment reports and damage assessment of all sorts of textiles

Individual assessment, specialized testing, and pricing on request.