Denkendorf pilot plant - contract manufacturing for the industry

The DITF run a pilot plant, where all important technologies along the textile process chain are implemented. With the pilot plant the DITF offer the industry a unique opportunity for pilot series and batch production in the textile market. In combination with the existing machinery and highly sophisticated technical equipment, experienced personnel guarantees ideal parameters for the make-to-order production. At the same time, the pilot plant will be used by the DITF scientists to implement and evaluate theoretical concepts.

Range of services

  • (Mono- / bicomponent) filament production and filament yarn processing
  • Staple fiber yarn spinning including preparatory works
  • Weaving
  • Knitting
  • Nonwoven production
  • Surface engineering
  • Technical textiles / medical textiles / biomaterials
  • Fabrication
  • Testing in accredited laboratories