Denkendorfer Future Workshop - Fuel for Innovation

Innovations rarely come about by chance or intuitive inspiration. In order to generate new marketable and implementable ideas, a structured innovation process is necessary. The Denkendorf Future Workshop offers assistance in this respect. It provides targeted and systematic support in the process of idea generation.

Range of Services

  • Usually one-day workshop
  • Impulse lecture at the beginning - tailored to the focus of the participating company
  • Information and input from the DITF scientists on current technologies, developments and research approaches
  • Moderation and guidance by the DITF
  • Application of known creativity techniques
  • Evaluation of ideas (market potential, feasibility, costs)
  • Result list of implementable ideas
  • On request: support during product development


While the wishes of the customer or the competition are usually the starting point for innovations, the DITF with the Denkendorf Future Workshop focus on technological development and the existing product. A look into the future that spans all industries also provides stimulation for non-textile companies. Here, textile ideas offer special potential for innovations.

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