Knitting Technology Center


The textile future is created at DITF. Innovative technologies are developed and applied here to enable new and better products and processes.

The institutes cover all the elements of the textile future. This includes the development of materials too: synthetic and bio-based polymers are developed, tested, and processed into completely new fibers and threads.

Spinning technology is one focus area at DITF. We have the latest equipment for all established methods which our expert teams use and optimize for a wide range of requirements including new ones.

The same applies to textile surfaces and 3D structures. DITF expands the range of options by combining and functionalizing textile and other materials. The DITF tech centers have available a unique array of devices and test stands for this purpose.

Very specific challenges are day-to-day business at DITF: the latest findings in the fields of micro and nanotechnology, computer science, or communication technology are integrated in products and processes. This also paves the way for Industry 4.0: connected, smart, digital - this is how the entire process chain of textile production presents itself, including the related business models.