Fibers and Yarns

The DITF institutes have the know-how and equipment to carry out all of the customary primary spinning methods (melt spinning, dry spinning, and wet spinning), and they possess the technologies to carry out spinning tests from the gram scale to the semi-industrial scale, under various conditions, with and without additives.

Synthetic and cellulose fibers are the business of DITF, as are special fibers (flame-retardant, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, anti-static, on-line finished, fibers made of polymer blends), high-performance fibers made of carbon and ceramics, or polyaromatic fibers. In addition, the DITF expert teams research cut-staple yarns and spool technologies.

All fibers and yarns are characterized and analyzed using the latest methods. Fiber measurement technologies such as non-contact length or speed measurements using laser sensors are available at DITF, and also innovative spool or yarn analysis methods.