Dry spinning technology

DITF's dry spinning plant is designed for the production of precursor fibers (green fibers) for oxidic ceramic fibers.

The plant’s dry spinning process can produce green fiber multifilaments with up to 500 filaments. Different water-based, ceramic-forming spinning masses can be processed. The plant’s maximum productivity is approx. 1 kg/hour.
The DITF has basic know-how in the "design" and production of spinning masses for oxidic ceramic fibers, which can then be processed into green fibers via dry spinning. The institutes also have the expertise for all further thermal process steps and accompanying analytical procedures up to the production of the ceramic fibers.


Range of services

  • Production of oxide ceramic fibers based on aluminum oxide, mullite and ZTA (zirconium oxide reinforced aluminum oxide)
  • Research in the field of highly creep-resistant YAG fibers and zirconia-rich aluminum oxide fibers (ATZ)
  • Optimization of the dry spinning process and further process steps for the production of oxide ceramic fibers