Texturizing, drawing

The DITF research the drawing, texturizing, interlacing and twisting of multifilament yarns for technical, textile and medical applications.

Properties such as tensile strength, elongation, shrinkage and filament cohesion are adjusted purposefully. Texturized yarns are also given defined crimp and elasticity. Commingling- or hybrid-yarns are developed by combining filament yarns with different property profiles. For fiber composite technology, the DITF are working on new technologies for spread tows and thermoplastic fiber composite tapes.

Range of services:

  • Development of multifilament yarns as flat, texturized and hybrid yarns as well as covered yarns and twisted yarns with fineness ranging from 30 dtex up to several thousand dtex.
  • Development of processes, machines and components for special yarns (e.g. differential shrinkage yarn with elongating component atmofil®)
  • Development of measuring and testing devices
  • Manufacture of multifilament yarns from one bobbin to 100 kg small series
  • Development and production of medical filament yarns, certified according to ISO 13485