Winding technologies

Sustainability is a special focus of the DITF and thus also of its winding technology. A particular focus is the improvement of the unwinding behavior of the bobbins. In this context, machine and drive technologies for the economical production of such bobbins and packages are developed and optimized.

In the  DITF's winding technology center, the most modern winding and special winding machines are available for completely freely programmable production of bobbins and packages. The specialized measuring technology allows high-frequency detection of the running characteristics under various conditions. At the test stand for the analysis of the spool winding, the actual yarn position on the spool is measured with high precision using optical methods.

Another focus is hybridization using twisting and covering technology to produce yarns with special combinations of properties, including sensory and actuator yarns. In addition, new fascinating processes for economical component manufacturing are being researched using structure winding and structure ball winding technology.

Range of services

  • Optimization and development of machines and components
  • Metrological description of all sorts of packages (unwinding behavior, speed-dependent tensile forces, geometrical measurement and description of packages, colorimetric analysis)
  • Pilot production (rewinding, twisting and wrapping)
  • Management consulting (new and innovative products, problem analysis, winding optimization)
  • Product development