Yarn coating

The DITF develop coating technologies for filament- and staple fiber yarns, as well as twines and braids. We develop solutions for yarn pretreatment, yarn coating and drying techniques with respect to follow up processes and yarn applications.

Our central subject of research is functionalization. For example, we investigate hydrophobization and oleophobization (water- and oil-repellency), fastness improvements, conductive/antistatic and antibacterial finishes or coating. In addition, functional coatings for sensory and actuary yarns are of interest. Besides modern yarn coating, we apply bio-based and biodegradable materials (e.g. chitosan, lignin, PHA (poly(hydroxyalkanoates))) as coatings. Current issues, like the replacement of PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) or silicones for non-toxic, sustainable materials play an important role.

Our application methods comprise of systems for yarn dipping and stripping or squeezing, minimal coating processes and various methods including nozzle coating. In addition, online pretreament process such as washing and plasma treatment are modularly added and various drying systems may be applied. These methods are supplemented by novel online-measurement instruments. We develop the processes and bring them to productivity with partners from industry.


Service Range

  • development and small-scale production of coated yarns with aqueous liquor systems as well as reactive and non-reactive thermoplasts
  • development and testing of coating processes for single yarns with special requirements
  • development of solutions for special yarns (e.g. carbon, glass, aramide)
  • planning and construction of coating units
  • consultation of above mentioned and related topics