Yarn coating

DITF develops new technologies for coatings and sizing of filament and staple fiber yarns. The processes are tested and brought to production maturity with industrial partners.

In the area of staple fiber yarns. systems with production speeds up to 400 m/min are available. The application techniques include systems for dipping and stripping or squeezing, minimum application methods with various methods and layer deposition in plasma.

For pretreatment online techniques for prewash and plasma treatment in atmospheric pressure are possible. Both air dryers of different designs and infrared radiators are used in the drying processes.

A wide variety of chemical auxiliaries are available for functionalization. DITF is also developing a variety of fiber, yarn and finishing combinations.

The yarns are tested for their desired properties of use such as resistance to UV light, climate-change stresses, cleaning, abrasion, kinking/alternating stress, adhesion to further coatings. DITF offers small-scale production for special products.

Service Range

  • application of low, medium and high viscosity liquor systems, which can be applied as aqueous formulations or as hot melt
  • finishing processes from bobbin to bobbin and from bobbin to warp beam in the staple and filament yarn sector
  • functionalization, e.g. for nanostructured superhydrophobic properties, oil repellency, flame retardancy, cyclodextrins, antibacterial effect, friction reduction, photocatalytic degradation, permanent electrical conductivity and IR-reflection