Innovative coatings extend the functional spectrum of textiles. Depending on the treatment, the specific material properties change, paving the way to new products.

The coating technologies at the DITF cover the spectrum from chemical synthesis and material development through process and product development to the production of prototypes and pilot series. For example, the development of coatings from renewable raw materials such as cellulose and chitosan is future-oriented.

Coating processes are developed on industrially-established facilities and upscaled for industrial applications. The DITF has yarn coating plants for staple fiber yarns, continuous filament, high modulus fibers and rovings, coating and lamination technologies for knitted and woven fabrics as well as nonwovens in various configurations and working widths from laboratory to pilot plant scale. The devices for electrostatic flocking are suitable for small medical implants up to  processing electrically highly-conductive flock fibers for fiber composites.