Dyeing and finishing

The DITF have technologies for both thermal and mechanical finishing of textiles. Products with added value are developed from the yarns and textile fabrics functionalized in this way.

Future-oriented are finishing chemicals made of renewable raw materials such as cellulose and chitosan. Such biobased polymers are used, for example, in semi-permeable membranes, as abrasion-resistant finishes or in completely compostable products. In order to make the biopolymers more easily soluble, ionic liquids are also used at the DITF. Thanks to this technological innovation, these biopolymers are easier to process, which considerably broadens their field of application.

The DITF also open up the technological future potential of dyeing. A major focus is on environmentally friendly processes. Modern staining technologies are low in energy and water consumption and are combined with state-of-the-art methods of wastewater control and purification.