Printing technologies

The future of textile printing begins at the DITF. Here, all technologies from classic screen printing to modern digital processes such as inkjet printing and 3D printing are available. The main focus in printing processes is sustainability and thus low material, water and energy consumption.

Technological focus is the development of new color and functional inks and optimized pretreatment of goods for printing. This results in new color inks that can be universally used on all substrates and can be fixed with UV light in an energy-saving manner.

Range of services:

  • New, universally-applicable color inks for all substrates
  • Invisible security inks for counterfeit protection
  • Oil and water-repellent printing inks
  • Electrically-conductive inks for printing textile switches or heating elements
  • Energy-saving fixation of color inks using UV light
  • Online color sensors for water-saving dyeing and waste water control
  • 3D printing of composite materials by combining thermoplastics and reinforcing fibers