Polymer Synthesis

The production of polymeric fibers starts with the synthesis of suitable polymers. DITF has available a wide range of options for the synthesis of polymers, from the gram scale to volumes of 25kg per cycle. Our equipment includes modern synthesis robots (Autoplant) for customized process optimization.

Important research goals are - among others - the modification of polyesters and polyamides for chemical fibers. For example, we can improve the dyeing properties and the mechanical textile properties, or realize flame-retardancy.

Production processes for polymeric high-performance fibers and the synthesis of polyacrylonitriles for the production of carbon fibers are optimized at the High Performance Fiber Center that has been located at the DITF since 2014.

Another DITF focus area is the development of customized polymers for medical applications, of absorbable polymers in particular, which dissolve in the body after a certain period of time and whose decomposition products are then metabolized. The development and production of these polymers takes place in clean rooms of the class ISO 8 according to DIN ISO 13485. With respect to the speed of degradation and the mechanical properties, the DITF is able to cover an extremely wide spectrum.