Technological Integration

The DITF considers technological integration to be an interdisciplinary field of problems that can result in innovative solutions. This includes technological problems that may exist in distant industries and that can be overcome with new innovative textile solutions.

Technological integration also focusses on pneumatically stressed textiles, and the research, development, and assessment of textiles with an active or passive luminous function, or textiles with the ability to change color. To evaluate the visual effects in connection with textiles, DITF has its own luminous laboratory with special equipment for this purpose.

In connection with the sub-project A4 of the HIKE research group (FOR 981 – Smart Hybrid Design Elements) of the University of Stuttgart, technological integration currently involves the “development of advanced sensory, indicating and actuating functionalities for smart textile hybrid design elements.” For this, we develop textiles that - besides fulfilling traditional standards - also have sensory, indicating, and actuating characteristics and react to external influences in a smart way by, for example, color changes.