Innovative and well-renowned weaving methods are available at the weaving laboratory of the DITF for research purposes. These include rapier, air-jet, shuttle and jacquard weaving machines as well as leno, multi-axial, spacer and 3D-weaving technologies.

Basic research, and application-oriented research projects up to the solution of acute practical problems  have helped gain a broad  technological experience and application knowledge of weaving technology. This also includes know-how in peripheral fields such as weaving preparation, dust removal and air conditioning.

The weaving processes are continuously being further developed and analyzed by means of motion, frequency, flow, and yarn stress analyses as well as by simulations of the weaving process. The knowledge gained from these analyses flows directly into research and in-sourced industry services.

Range of services

  • Development of novel, near-net-shape fabric constructions with functional properties
  • Improvement of weaving technology in terms of process performance and product quality
  • Optimization of new weaving processes
  • Development of machines and components
  • Improvement of the winding technology to achieve higher take-off speeds in the weaving preparatory stage
  • Development of measuring and testing devices and weaving simulators
  • Operational analyses for performance optimization in weaving mill and weaving preparatory plant