Joining technologies

The technical center for manufacturing ready-made clothing (Konfektionstechnikum) at the DITF utilizes various joining technologies. Depending on the material, structure and specific requirements, ultrasonic, high-frequency and laser technology as well as various sewing machines can be used. In addition, critical parameters for the sewing processes can be evaluated by determining the needle penetration force, the thread tension force, the horizontal and vertical presser foot force and the needle temperature.

When it comes to ultrasonic and high-frequency welding, the DITF are able to investigate fundamental physical relationships between material, welding and quality parameters. As an example, it is possible to analyze the impact of finishing agents and dyes as well as polymer and seam geometry on weld seam quality. The seam quality is determined on the basis of parameters like durability, strength, watertightness, washability and wearing comfort.

Laser systems can be used for fundamental investigations on welding, cutting, ablation and heat-setting of textile materials as well as for optimizing the process technology.

The technical center also has various sewing test benches on which sewing processes and seam qualities can be examined and optimized. For example, a measuring system for non-contact temperature measurement of the sewing needle is available in order to measure the temperature curve along the sewing needle during the sewing process.

Range of services:

  • Development of technical sewing threads
  • Welding:
    • Development of application-specific seam geometries
    • basic seam strength tests
    • Determination and optimization of welding parameters
  • Seam investigations:
    • Testing the sewability of knitwear according to DIN 53 882
    • Assessment and fault analysis of textile compounds
    • Development of sensors for sewing and embroidery machines
    • Sewing process optimization
    • Determination of needle temperatures
    • Verification of newly developed needles
  • Development of three-dimensional shells