Nonwoven Technology

The DITF develop technologies, processes and products for or made of nonwovens. Applications are in the fields of medicine, hygiene, automotive and environment. In this context, they work on new materials and multifunctional nonwovens. Furthermore, technological and application-related questions of the nonwovens industry and users are clarified.

The focus is on the development of nonwovens for filtration, in particular on finest fiber nonwoven technologies (fiber diameter 0.1 - 3 µm), on the cleanroom processing of absorbable and non-absorbable polymers for medical products, and on the recycling of fibers, among others also carbon ffibers .

DITF's nonwovens technology center provides production-related equipment in which the most important technologies for fiber and nonwoven production can be used: carding/needling, melt-blown, hydroentanglement, (bicomponent) spinning, cutting converters, dry, electric and centrifugal spinning for finest fiber nonwovens.

Range of Services

  • Technology development (nonwoven technologies and engineering)
  • Product development (products for medical and hygiene, implants, filters, automotive, functional clothing, fuel cell etc)
  • Nonwoven testing (test laboratory TT), filtration tests