DITF - Mobility


The world of mobility is undergoing drastic changes. The pressure for innovation is high as an increase in mobility is expected be managed with lower energy consumption and lower environmental impact in the future. At the same time, comfort and functionality is to be maintained or even increased.

DITF’s textile innovations can help to meet these requirements. Fiber composites, for example, are light in weight and therefore have a positive effect on energy consumption. Parts can also be formed easily and this allows the development of efficient production processes.

On the other hand, high-performance fibers and robust textile fabrics offer many interesting opportunities for the design of textile coatings, cover material, seats, and upholstery. This adds esthetic aspects to the functional requirements. Together with and for their customers, the DITF institutes work on products and processes for successful alliances in this respect.

Application examples for our products, processes, and services:

  • Fiber based composite materials for lightweight construction
  • Carbon fibers made of renewable materials for the automotive industry and the aerospace industry
  • Technologies for carbon fiber recycling
  • High-quality semi-finished products made of recycled carbon fibers for structural applications in automotive engineering and aircraft construction.
  • Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) for turbines in aircraft engines
  • Load converting textiles
  • Economic and ecological materials for fuel cells
  • Cellulose based filter materials
  • Integrated functional lightweight construction
  • Development of airbags and protective textiles
  • Smart textiles in the interior for interaction with users
  • Energetic concepts

Information and Downdloads

    • Textile automobile door in the acoustic testing room of DITF
    Smart textiles in the mobile exterior - the car of tomorrow

    Light, smart, functionalized: Textiles are revolutionising micro electric vehicles in the micromobility class.

    Information about the project