Production and process engineering

The DITF institutes offer their partners in the industry new and improved technologies which are then used to accelerate innovation processes for an edge in competition.

Fiber and yarn production and the production of textile surfaces and structures have always been the core competencies of the DITF institutes. The institutes cooperate with leading academic partners to translate the latest findings from material and engineering sciences into innovative products and processes.

They closely cooperate with the users, as equal partners, to analyze their demands and develop customized solutions for them. This creates a steady stream of technology transfer, wide-spread and customer-oriented, and tailored to the needs of the respective applications.

The DITF institutes also engage in identifying future markets and they work on providing their partners in the industry with the suitable technologies as early as possible.

Application examples for our products, processes, and services:

  • Smart process control systems
  • Digital technologies for Industry 4.0, for example technologies for textile printing and for textile finishing with locally diverse surface effects
  • Textile functionalization with the help of robots
  • Systems for man-machine interaction
  • Modelling and simulation technologies for processes in the textile industry
  • Pneumatic textiles for factory automation
  • Sensors and actuators printed on textiles
  • Efficient heat/fabric transfer in drying systems