DITF Luftaufnahme

German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf

The DITF form the largest textile research center in Europe with more than 250 scientific and technical staff. As the world’s only textile research facility and covering an area of more than 25,000 m², the DITF work right across the textile production and value chains. Since 1921, we have been across all the major fields within textiles. We are among the leading research institutions worldwide.

Applied research from molecules to products

We carry out applied research across the entire production chain. Through product and technology oriented innovations and modern management concepts, we contribute to the competitiveness and safeguarding of the German and European economies.

R & D service provider

From brainstorming all the way through materials research, prototype and production process development to pilot production and testing, we are an important R & D partner for both industrial and service enterprises. We are a major source of innovative know-how, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises who do not have their own R & D departments.

Delivering knowledge and technology to industry

We quickly transfer sustainable results into profitable realizations and applications. The main objective is the transfer of scientific results into marketable processes, products and services.

Teaching and practical training

Training and development are two of the DITF’s most fundamental tasks. We are associated with the University of Stuttgart through three professorships and various educational programs covering additional fields of study. We also have educational partnerships with additional universities.