Patent sale to Technikum Laubholz

DITF and TLH strengthen their close cooperation with patent sale

Versatile raw material hardwood from sustainably managed forests in the region

The cooperation between Technikum Laubholz GmbH (TLH) and the DITF aims at developing novel and technical applications of hardwood and transferring them into marketable products. A far-reaching technology transfer now creates the basis for a sound and knowledge-based cooperation.

As a basis for technology transfer, extensive patent families were sold by the DITF to Technikum Laubholz GmbH. This has created the prerequisites for incorporating results from basic research into the development of new products. The industrial implementation of sustainable processes for the production of technical regenerated cellulose fibers and carbon fibers based on lignin and cellulose form the research focus of the cooperation between the two partners. With the sale of the patents, the cooperation partners are following a strategic guideline that will promote their cooperation and enable professional marketing of the new technologies.

At the same time, research projects are being conducted to further develop technologies, for example for processing cellulose from ionic liquids, and to introduce new types of fibers for technical use and for consumer textiles into the growing market for sustainable materials. Thus, both partners follow the purpose of the newly established research center to develop new and technically significant products and processes based on hardwood originating from sustainably managed forests in the region. The task of the DITF is to work on the fundamentals of economic and ecological manufacturing processes for cellulose and lignin fibers made from beech wood for technical applications.

The Technikum Laubholz will link eight research teams from different institutes and serve as an interface to industry. Other research projects include the development of new processes for the production of biosurfactants and vegan food proteins based on wood.


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