Melt spinning technology

Melt spinning tests can be carried out at the DITF with gram quantities of polymers (Minilab Extruder) as well as on large spinning lines on an industrial scale.

An extensive repertoire of technologies is available to investigate the spinability of the melts, the properties of the yarns produced and the structure formation in the yarn. For example, spinability can be analyzed under the influence of various additives such as flow improvers.

Depending on the results of the investigations, different technologies are used, e.g. to adapt the chemical-physical properties of the polymer melt or the chemical-physical conditions during yarn formation.

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    High Performance Fiber Center - Pilot Production

    Current overview of services

    On more than 1,000m², DITF offers state-of-the-art facilities, unmatched world-wide, for an efficient development of high-performance fibers. More information about the technical equipment and applications of the HPFC can be found in our flyer. Download here

    Pilot production at the DITF

    The DITF operates a pilot factory that integrates all of the important technologies along the textile process chain. With the pilot factory, DITF provides the industry with the unique option to produce zero or small series.

    DITF publication awarded Editor's Choice

    The editorial board of the 'materials journal' has selected the article "Melt-Spinning of an Intrinsically Flame-Retardant Polyacrylonitrile Copolymer" by Simon König et al. as Editor's Choice Paper.

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