Structure winding

Structure winding

Structure winding technology is still a young technology developed at the DITF and used to manufacture fiber-based components that can be rotationally symmetrical or free formed.

Structure winding technology can be used, for example, to create adjustable luminaire shapes for innovative lighting concepts. Textile light directional gratings produced with structure winding components have a high overall economic potential.

For structures that should be effective in all spatial directions, the DITF are also advancing the structure ball winding technology. Here, for example, highly automated reinforcing structures for pressure vessels can be produced, which can also be equipped with intrinsic sensors, as in structure winding technology.

Range of services:

  • Mechanical adaptation of winding and balling machines
  • Development of technologies for the control of the structure winding and structure ball winding process
  • Material Development
  • Investigation of structures that can be produced on different winding and balling machines