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Current Topics and Projects

Bild zu MICROFACTORY 4 Fashion

On the way to Industry 4.0: DITF coordinate the MICROFACTORY, a fully networked, integrated production chain from design to the finished product.


Bild zu Study: Strick 4.0 Textil digital
Study: Strick 4.0 Textil digital

You will soon find a download of the Strick 4.0 study here which is currently prepared by the Management Research division at DITF. The study formulates the requirements for companies and their successful digitalization looking at the example of the Knitting Cluster in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Bild zu Retail 4.0
Retail 4.0

In August 2017, the research project Retail 4.0 was launched at the DITF.The aim of the project is to link both digitization and customer integration within the sales process, interactively and across all departments.

More about the project