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Current Topics and Projects

    DITF honored by Südwesttextil for 100 years of research work

    100 years of DITF: At this year's general meeting of the Südwesttextil e.V. association, president Bodo Th. Bölzle (right) presented the certificate to DITF board member Peter Steiger (left). Photo: Südwesttextil.

    BioMat Pavilion 2021 opened

    The pavilion on the Stuttgart Campus is the result of the LeichtPRO research project for future-oriented sustainable architecture. The DITF, together with CG-Tec, BAM and Steinhuder Werkzeugbau, developed and produced the pultruded profiles used from flax and hemp fibers. Press Release of Stuttgart University

    Congratulations on 100 years of DITF

    Christoph Nold, Chief Executive Officer of the Esslingen-Nürtingen District Chamber of Commerce and Industry, presents DITF Executive Board member Peter Steiger with the honorary certificate for the 100th anniversary.

    Larissa Born receives Manfred Hirschvogel Award

    Dr.-Ing. Larissa Born receives the Manfred Hirschvogel Award. The prize is awarded annually at the nine leading technical universities in Germany for the best dissertation in the field of mechanical engineering. The DITF congratulates the scientist at the ITFT on this achievement!

    Link to the press release of the ITFT

    Cellulose fibers against climate change

    There will continue to be unavoidable CO2 emissions that have to be compensated. The DITF are developing textile materials for active CO2 capture from the air as part of a research project.

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    DITF publication awarded Editor's Choice

    The editorial board of the 'materials journal' has selected the article "Melt-Spinning of an Intrinsically Flame-Retardant Polyacrylonitrile Copolymer" by Simon König et al. as Editor's Choice Paper.

    Link to the article

    Active ingredient depots in porous fibers

    In the research project "Textile-based drug delivery systems", drug delivery fibers were developed at the DITF for application in regenerative medicine. This could support the therapy of chronic wounds in the future.

    Information about the research project

    Cellulose chitin fibers - new materials for medical technology

    Chitin makes insect wings flexible. This polysaccharide could soon be used in dressing materials in medicine.

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    MICROFACTORY 4 Fashion

    On the way to Industry 4.0: DITF coordinate the MICROFACTORY, a fully networked, integrated production chain from design to the finished product.


    Retail 4.0

    In August 2017, the research project Retail 4.0 was launched at the DITF.The aim of the project is to link both digitization and customer integration within the sales process, interactively and across all departments.

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