Compliance at the DITF

The German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf (DITF) are a non-profit research institution in the legal form of a foundation under public law under the supervision of the Ministry of Economics Baden-Württemberg. For the DITF, compliance means adherence to the relevant legal requirements as well as the organization's internal regulations.

The principles of good foundation practice of the Federal Association of German Foundations are binding for our actions and define our responsibility and role in society.

Rules to ensure good scientific practice

Scientific honesty and compliance with the principles of good scientific practice are indispensable prerequisites of all scientific work that aims to gain knowledge and is to be respected by the public.

The basic rules of good scientific practice listed in the DITF guidelines take up the proposals of the DFG (German Research Foundation) of January l998 and the updated code of August 01, 2019 and adapt them to the research conditions of the German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research. They include rules for everyday scientific practice, collegiality and cooperation as well as rules for the publication of research results and for performance evaluation.

Neutral, qualified ombudspersons with personal integrity advise in cases of conflict on issues of good scientific practice. They are elected by the scientific staff.

Equal Opportunities Plan of the DITF

The DITF understand the realization of gender equality as a central cross-sectional task that extends to all areas of work. The Executive Board is committed to implementing measures to strengthen equal opportunities at the DITF.

The DITF's equal opportunities plan is based on the constitutional anchoring of equal rights for women, men and diverse persons, the Federal Equal Opportunities Act (BGleiG) as well as the Act on the Realization of Equal Opportunities for Women and Men in Public Service in Baden-Württemberg (Equal Opportunities Act - ChancenG), to the application of which the DITF is committed.

The DITF aim to explicitly promote women by offering them special qualification and training opportunities. The DITF strive for the best possible balance of female, male and diverse employees in all career stages and fields of work and strengthen the promotion of compatibility of family and career - for scientists as well as in the field of science support.