Competence Center Chemical Fibers and Nonwovens

The Competence Center Chemical Fibers and Nonwovens is based on the four pillars of polymer chemistry, polymer physics, mechanical engineering and medical technology.

The services of the center include the development and upscaling of novel (bicomponent) man-made fibers and nonwovens, the management of fiber performance by adding functionalities, and the development of man-made fibers and nonwovens for medical applications. One strength of the center is its flexibility in process scaling: research is carried out in alllevels from laboratory to industrial pilot scale. The transfer of process and product developments into industrial application is ensured by close cooperation with the industry and by industrial contract research.

Medical technology research is an important driver for the development of special applications and the associated technical solutions. The DITF are certified for the development and production of polymers and textile implants according to ISO 13485:2016 with fiber and nonwoven production, the latter also in clean room conditions.

Part of the fiber developments are aimed at a sustainable textile industry. For this purpose, polymers from biobased raw materials are processed, the fibers can be recycled and/or are biodegradable.

Range of services:

  • Development and upscaling of novel (bicomponent) man-made fibers and nonwovens
  • Management of fiber performance by the introduction of functionalities
  • Man-made fiber and nonwoven development for medical applications.
  • Developments in the field of mechanical and process engineering for the production of ultrafine fibers for filtration and protective clothing e.g.


  • Primary spinning processes: (Biko) filaments, spunbonded nonwovens, functional fibers
  • Physical modification, compounding, blending
  • Polymer fibers from biobased monomers
  • Material recycling in the melt, if necessary with SSP
  • Mechanical recycling and processing into nonwovens