Equipment features structural x-ray analysis

The structural X-ray analysis permits a deep insight into the three-dimensional structures of molecules and their complexes, as well as the exact positioning of each atom. The DITF utilize a wide-angle and narrow-angle X-ray diffractometer for analysis.

Wide-angle X-ray diffractometer

D/Max Rapid II (Fa. Rigaku)
  • Two theta angle measurable up to 120°
  • Curved imaging plate with 210° aperture
  • Elimination of dark current noise permits long exposures
  • Dual photomultiplier produces a wide dynamic range
  • High sensitivity in combination with low readout noise
  • Vast experimental flexibility from powders to ice crystals


  • Structure elucidation of various materials (polymers, ceramics, carbons)
  • Determination of structure parameters (dimensions of the crystalline unit cell, crystal size, crystallinity, as well as orientation)

Narrow-angle X-ray diffractometer

BioSAXS 2000 (Fa. Rigaku)
  • Two-dimensional Kratky camera system
  • Photodiode-beam-stop to measure intensity and sample absorption correction
  • Two-dimensional Kratky collimation considers the measurements of low q-values without system realignment



  • Information on larger structural units like crystallite agglomerates, lamellae, pore and particle size, as well as cluster
  • Determination of pore and fibrillar structures