Modeling and virtualization

Modeling and virtualization form the basis of Industry 4.0. Virtualization provides the necessary digital representations of physical objects and processes and thus enables the end-to-end digital engineering of products, processes and organizations.

Models support conception, design and networking. At the DITF, this starts as early as in the concept phase and continues through all phases, from development to production and the use-phase until the end of the life cycle.

Development work at the DITF focuses on the use of standardized methods and technologies and on the development of adapted methods for the textile industry and its partners as well as for the clothing industry.

Range of services:

  • Cross-industry digital engineering - from requirement management to simulation-based product and process development
  • Methods for the digital representation of textile processes and products as well as their properties and behavior in real world applications
  • Modelling methodology for the description and design of textile structures and their production processes as well as suitable management structures
  • Support for the virtualization of development and production processes
  • Conception, application and implementation of development projects and application-oriented research projects