Platforms and business models

Modern information and communication technologies shape the business models of today’s textile industry. New forms of organization, including virtual ones, are used, in which product development, production and sales are networked across locations and companies.

The DITF provide methods and tools that open up completely new business perspectives for the textile industry. These offer the opportunity to deepen and expand existing partnerships in all phases of the textile product life cycle.

In particular, customers can incorporate their ideas and requirements directly into the engineering or design process. On the other hand, new product properties such as specific performance features of functional textiles open up new markets. These new business prospects also require the use of e-commerce platforms and social networks.

The DITF offer solutions for such new forms of business, which also take the "Internet of Things" into account. This applies in particular to the combination of textiles and services in the spirit of being service-oriented, for example in the clothing or health sectors as well as in composite materials for structural engineering or automotive and aircraft construction.