Networked innovation and value creation

Textile products are already being created in networks today. The DITF provide concepts, methods, and IT systems that support both, the management of global development and production networks as well as regional players who turn ideas into prototypes. Data, information, and knowledge are shared, processes are coordinated, and collaborations emerge.

The shift towards Industry 4.0 is increasing the need for temporary, dynamic, flexible, and yet integrated networks. Large scale data processing and artificial intelligence support networks as they self-organize, so that the products themselves know how they should be produced and in which quality.;Machines maintain themselves autonomously. The DITF connect all process stages from the fiber to the end product and pave with their technologies the way to "Textile Industry 4.0".

Infos und Downdloads

    Data-driven resource efficiency on circular knitting machines

    The DITF are researching the optimum use of operating resources in large circular knitting machines. The machine was equipped with comprehensive measuring technology and the data collected is continuously evaluated during the production process: Big Data analysis in the sense of IoT.

    Information about the project