Competence Center Staple Fibers, Weaving & Simulation

The Competence Center Staple Fibers, Weaving & Simulation (KPZ SWS) conducts research and development along the value chain from the fiber flock to yarn or twist to the woven fabric supported by simulation of production processes and products. The KPZ SWS provides technology transfer from feasibility to small batch production and offers this from a single source.

Staple fiber technologies carry out interdisciplinary research in technology, machine, process, and product development from bale to twist. DITF leads the research in the processing of recycled fiber raw materials into innovative textile structures made from staple fiber yarns.

In the field of weaving technologies, processes in particular are analyzed, optimized and further developed by means of motion, flow and yarn stress analyses as well as simulations. Process approaches developed at the DITF are used to create spacer or 3D fabrics that generate lightweight load-bearing structures in architecture, and simultaneously fulfill actuator functions or provide acoustic damping.

Other fields of application for research and development on yarns and woven fabrics are mechanical, automotive and aerospace engineering, and also classical clothing.

Computer-based modeling and simulations are of particular importance in the textile industry today. Using state-of-the-art hardware, software and testing technology, the DITF designs virtual reality for all types of textile production, for the application and loading of textiles and the fiber composite components made from them.

Range of services

  • Machine, process, component and product development.
  • Prototype production of yarn and fabric (from flock to fabric sample) - also on an industrial scale
  • Processing of chemical and natural fibers from 5 g to 500 kg (e.g. polyester, viscose, cotton, acrylic, flax, hemp or banana)
  • Recycling of fiber-based raw materials, e.g. cotton or carbon fiber recycling
  • Development of novel, near-net-shape 3D woven structures with functional properties
  • Development of measuring and testing equipment as well as virtual testing
  • Process and performance simulation from fiber to structure.


  • Spinning preparation, short and long staple spinning process
  • Bale opener, cleaner, card, draw frame, roving frame, ring, rotor, air-jet and non-conventional spinning processes
  • µ-CT, ARAMIS, CFD, FEM, high-speed measuring and testing technology
  • Rapier, air-jet, plug-in shuttle and Jacquard weaving machines
  • Leno, multiaxial, spacing and 3D weaving technologies.
  • Digital fabric design and process simulation
  • Modeling on micro, meso, macro level, mechanical, thermal and flow simulation