Clothing and home textiles

During the past years, textile innovations in the areas of clothing or home textiles have mostly been functional textiles.

The DITF institutes have been at the forefront of these developments and created textiles with an added functional value, for example for specific professions (protective equipment) or special applications such as noise and light protection in homes.

Depending on the product, it must also convince its users by its look and feel - so in addition to meeting the functional requirements, the DITF institutes work on innovations to create textiles with new fashionable effects, for example.

Along with the advances in microelectronics, the DITF and their partners started early to identify opportunities to integrate sensor technology into clothing. In combination with the latest IT and communication technologies (smart phones!), the institutes have developed solutions that help sick people or seniors lead self-determined lives.

Application examples for our products, processes, and services:

  • New fibers and technologies improving mechanical or acoustic properties, and the look and feel
  • Biobased fibers, additives, and (fluorine-free) finishing methods
  • Thermal radiation selective textiles
  • Infrared reflective textiles
  • Finishes for UV protection and improved light-fastness
  • Compressive sports textiles
  • Vasomotor adaptive functional underwear
  • Energy efficient functional textiles
  • Textiles for personal protective equipment (flame protection, vector protection)
  • Coated textiles, membranes, and laminates for comfort and safety (outdoor applications, heat protection through intumescence coatings, blackout articles)
  • Textiles for special light effects (backlit textiles, diffuse room lighting, etc.)
  • Sensory and actuating textiles through integration or printing of circuit element such as LEDs, conductive paths, and heating elements, or fluorescent or electroluminescent dyes and pigments
  • Digital coloring and functionalization of textiles
  • Signing methods to trace textiles and prevent counterfeiting