Clothing and home textiles

In recent years, new developments in clothing and home textiles are dominated by functional textiles.

The DITF are at the forefront in developing and offering functional textiles and clothing. Examples are protective clothing for various occupational applications or technical textiles for sound and light protection at home.

In addition to the function, textiles and textile products must also be visually and haptically convincing. For this reason, the DITF also work on innovations in the field of fashionable effects.

Parallel to the  microelectronic progress, the DITF are and its partners have been  looking for technologies to integrate sensors functions into clothing at at different points in the textile value chain. Combined with the latest IT and communication technologies like smartphones, innovation solutions are created to enable elderly and sick people to lead a self-determined life.

Application examples for our products, processes, and services:

  • New fibers and technologies to improve mechanical, haptic, optical or acoustic properties
  • Bio-based fibers, additives and (fluorine-free) finishing processes
  • Heat radiation selective textiles
  • Infrared reflecting textiles
  • Finishing for UV protection and light fastness improvement
  • Compressive sports textiles
  • Vasomotoradaptive functional underwear
  • Energy-efficient functional textiles
  • Textiles for personal protective equipment (flame protection, vector protection)
  • Coated textiles, membranes and laminates for comfort and safety (outdoor applications, heat protection through intumescent coatings, blackout articles)
  • Textiles for artificial and daylight applications
  • Sensory and actuator textiles by integration or printing of switching elements such as LEDs, conductor paths and heating elements as well as fluorescent or electroluminescent dyes and pigments
  • Digital coloring and functionalization of textiles
  • Process for signing textiles for traceability and prevention of product piracy