Textile technology and technical textiles testing laboratory

Determining the material properties of fibers, threads, textile surfaces (woven, knitted, braided, or nonwoven fabrics), as well as composite materials made from natural and chemical fibers, but also a mixture of all of them.


  • Trained and long-serving specialists
  • Fast, professional and flexible work
  • Specialists for specific, individual tests incl. damage cases
  • Support in the preparation of expert opinions
  • Participation in the standardization in DIN committees
  • Development of new test methods

Overview of services (selection):

  • Testing along the entire textile value chain
  • Comprehensive service catalog (physical and chemical) for testing fibers, yarns, fabrics, textiles and technical textiles.
  • Determination of the influences of processing and finishing aids on material properties
  • Testing of functional properties such as fastness properties
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Preparation of CE type tests on personal protective equipment for fencers (PPE Directive 89/686/EEC)
  • Testing of particle emission of cleanroom clothing,
  • Testing of the shielding effect against high-frequency electromagnetic fields

Individual assessment, specialized testing and pricing on request.